Windows Applications

Custom Windows Applications

Some of our clients require programs that are either not available 'off the shelf' or want an extension to a program that already exists. In these cases the only option may be for us to write a custom application for them. We have experience in writing software in a number of languages including:

  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C++
  • PHP (for scripting tasks)

Because of our wide experience installing and configuring Windows server based networks, we are also adept at writing Windows batch and VB scripts to perform specific tasks (e.g. modify registry keys, map network drives, add printers when a user logs in).

Case Study

Specification: Write a program that imports billing and customer data from ebillz into Quickbooks

One of our clients is a telecoms service provider. They use a billing solution called ebillz that automatically generates invoices for their customers. The billing and customer data can be exported as comma delimited text (.csv) files and the client wanted to be able to automatically import the data into their Quickbooks book-keeping software on a monthly basis. There are approximately 300 invoices per month and therefore keying them in by hand takes a long time and could be prone to errors.


A Software Developer's Kit (SDK) is available for Quickbooks that provides integration from a Windows Desktop Application to Quickbooks. Harborne Computers wrote a program using Visual Basic that imported this data into any open Quickbooks file.

The software has been successfully used for many years and saves the client hours of work per month.

ebillz 2 Quickbooks custom application  

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